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The Office of Human Resources has launched the Leadership Development Project (LDP). Vision People across the university emerge as leaders to transform.
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It aims to develop a talented pool of young professionals that is drawn upon by the Organization to replenish middle management functions in the short term and senior management functions in the long term. During the Programme, participants are placed in two assignments, each lasting for an approximate period of two years.

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To provide opportunities for participants to build their competencies and to apply their expertise, two leadership tracks are formally recognized within the Programme with progressive career benchmarks in each and crossover encouraged. The two tracks are policy advice and development management and business operations.

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While assignments vary depending upon specific country needs, participants work as entry-level or mid-level managers. While the focus and method of work varies from country to country, participants typically interact with the government, civil society, academic institutions, private sector, UN agencies, donor and other development organizations in achieving the development goals. Participants receive feedback on work performance and developmental needs through regular supervision and through the annual performance review.

It is normally expected that participants will continue in the initial assignment for two years in order to have sufficient time to learn and develop the required skills and competencies and to contribute to the assignment. I recommend the program to all ECIU leaders and potential leaders that aim to tune their leadership.

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About us. For Staff. For Students. The programme provides participants with the opportunity: To reflect on the particular characteristics and challenges of leadership and strategic management in a university context. To grow as a leader in an ever changing environment and develop personal leadership qualities and skills. To work in a multi-national project team focused on an issue of strategic importance to a participating ECIU institution.

To deepen their knowledge of important policy developments in European and global Higher Education.

To learn by sharing and comparing experiences across ECIU universities and different higher education systems. To work in a multi-national project team focused on an issue of strategic importance to a participating ECIU university. To learn by sharing and comparing experiences across ECIU universities and the developments in their higher education systems. Alumni Aalborg University.

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