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Abahussain, Sami. Implementation of interactive television technology in distance education higher learning programs in Saudi Arabia. Ph.D. thesis, University.
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Note to International Students: While this program offers many online courses, international students on F-1 visas have limitations. Students with F-1 visas may take no more than the equivalent of 1 one completely online education class or 3 credits per semester and count it towards their full-time course requirement. Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 6 credits. Overview The Ph.

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Research Opportunities Students can engage in research that advances the field of educational technologies and ties into their areas of interest. Areas of research include: NSF-funded projects topics include developing scientifically literate citizenry through knowledge building; exploring the development of computational thinking in middle school girls Research-to-practice partnerships with local school districts Adventure-based environmental initiatives including The Changing Earth Career Outlook M. Professor Aaron Doering. Cakmakci, Gultekin A cross-section study of the understanding of chemical kinetics among Turkish secondary and undergraduate students.

Onat-Stelma, Zeynep Moving from teaching older learners to young learners : cases of English language teachers in Turkey. Ozmantar, Mehmet Fatih An investigation of the formation of mathematical abstractions through scaffolding. Al-Humaidi, Omar S. Arrowsmith, Dinah Rachel An analysis of conversations between children and teachers in nursery counting activities. Ohashi, Yumi Teaching and learning through interaction : a case study of Japanese children learning English as a foreign language.

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Roberts, Michael Employers' perspectives on current qualifications for the coloration industry. McAuliffe, Mary Cecilia Historical and contemporary aspects of primary music in-service education in Ireland. Al-Husseini, Suleiman Salem Nasser An analysis of the English needs of Omani students on vocational and technical courses with implications for the design of foundation year English language programmes.

Elmajdob, Abdelgader Hussein The roles played by relationships of Arab expatriate teachers in Libya: a case study.

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McKay, Mary R. Vickerman, Philip Brian The training of physical education teachers for the inculusion of children with special educational needs. Barker, Timothy Collaborative learning with affective artificial study companions in a virtual learning environment. Ring, Kathryn Ann Young children drawing at home, pre-school and school : the influence of the socio-cultural context.

Binding, Matthew Paul Code-switching strategies in science lessons in Kenyan primary schools : an analysis of their contribution to the meaning making process. Bresloff, Valerie Isabel Stability and perturbation in counselling training : a case study. Russell, Frances Starting school : the expectations of parents of disabled children. Sarab, Mohammad Reza Anani Communication strategies in second language teacher talk with special reference to Iranian teachers of English.

Bullock, Margaret Hilary The Women's Land Army a study of policy and practice with particular reference to the Craven district. May, Helen Elizabeth The engagement of children with learning difficulties within primary classroom interactions. Yaghoobi, Bager A cross-linguistic study of requestive speech acts in email communication. Chambers, Mary Elaine The identification and assessment of young children with movement difficulties. Cook, Lynn Outdoor education : its origins and institutionalisation in schools with particular reference to the West Riding of Yorkshire since Garrick, Rosalind Louise The development of pattern-related abilities through play activities in young children.

Intaraprasert, Channarong Language learning strategies employed by engineering students learning English at the tertiary level in Thailand. Kwang, Teong Su The effect of metacognitive training on the mathematical word problem solving of Singapore year olds in a computer environment.

Kotb, Heba Mohamed Wagih The integration of pupils with special educational needs from special school into mainstream school. Kabapinar, Yucel A comparison between Turkish and English history textbooks: design, construction and usability issues. Lehtonen, Tuula Hannele Consciousness raising in foreign language vocabulary learning and reading. Scott, Philip Harland Developing science concepts in secondary classrooms : an analysis of pedagogical interactions from a Vygotskian perspective. Beninyo, Ben Katoro Evaluation of the educational policies of the Sudan, : impact and implications on educational development in the Southern Sudan.

Leger, Ellen Mature students' perception of stress on returning to learn. Mereku, Kofi Damian A comparison of the official primary mathematics curriculum in Ghana with the way in which it is implemented by teachers. Murray, T. Barrett-Pugh, Caroline H The development of grammatical morphemes in the speech of young second language learners within a conversational context.

Nash, Dennis William The idea of personal development with special reference to personal, social and moral development PSME in education. Ilsley, George Victor Primary teachers' conceptions of giftedness amongst schoolchildren. Sheehan, John The nature of the 'nursing process' as a central concept in the current education of nurses. Jones, Rosalyn An ethnographic study of gender differentiation in a middle school. Smith, Robert Graham Thinking and practice in primary science classrooms : a case study. Donnelly, James F. Holding, Brian Investigation of schoolchildren's understanding of the process of dissolving with special reference to the conservation of matter and the development of atomistic ideas.

Comment by Emem Akpan — December 7, am Reply. If you were interested in K distance education, and could tell me a little more about those interests, I might be able to make some suggestions. Comment by mkbnl — December 7, am Reply. Hi there, I think i have come to the table pretty late but none the less, at least i have arrived. I am having a serious internal debate with myself about which way to go in terms of research for my PhD studies. I am thinking of educational technologies and how they can be better used for the learning process.

This because the class room environment is being taken over by technology. I get students in my class who are reading ahead even as my teaching is going on. I want to research on how to modify pedagogical processes by embedding technology such that most of the learning is by student.

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The research i seem to see is in how to get my student to a level of curiosity that can then facilitate their own input in the learning process… Does this make sense? Comment by Julius Kimuli — December 12, am Reply. Comment by Michael Barbour — December 12, am Reply. RSS feed for comments on this post.

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My response to the student was: Well, in terms of general advice I would advise you that your dissertation will not change or save the world. Once you get that out of the way, then you can focus on your topic… In terms of a topic, you want to find something that interests you and that you are passionate about.